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M2A3 Bradley

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Assembly was quite extensive because many tiny parts had to be attached like the antennas or the hatches of the doghouse. Fitting is very good, except some few parts like the ERA (G6) on the turret which does not fit properly. Other parts like the upper hull fit perfectly on the lower hull. The gluing of the poly caps into the road wheels required some care to avoid a warped look on the suspension arms. Both barrels the main gun M242 and the coaxial machine gun were drilled out.

To get some more realistic lights I had drilled them, painted with Tamiya Chrome Silver (X-11) and filled with drops of Clear (X-22) whilst the rear lamps and the indicators were painted with Clear Red (X-27) respectively Clear Orange (X-26). The optics were painted as follows: At first a base coat of Gold (X-12), then painted with Clear Red and finally a layer of Clear. Id painted the optics of the dog house and the CITV at first with Flat Black (XF-1) and then I applied a coat of Clear. The tracks which are of DS-Styrene were also painted with Flat Black (XF-1) then I masked the rubber pads and used Metallic Grey (XF-56). The main colour of the Bradley is Vallejo Model Air Sand (71075) whilst I applied on some panels and parts Desert Yellow (XF-59) which was highlighted with Flat White (XF-2) in a ratio of 1:4. Gun metal (X-10) was used for the barrels, Cockpit Green (XF-71) for the grenades and the ammo boxes at the bustle rack were painted with Olive Green (XF-58). The tools were painted with Semi Gloss Black (X-18) and Buff (XF-57) and the shackles with Light Grey (XF-66) highlighted with Flat White.

After Id covered the entire vehicle with Clear I applied a washing coat which consisted of a mixture of MIG oils Abteilung 502 Black and Washing Brown. The final stage was to dust the Bradley with MIG pigments Light Dust (P027), Ashes White (P022) and Gulf War Sand (P037), whilst Black Smoke (P23) was used for the exhaust and the engine cover and Dark Mud (P033) for the post-shading.
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Marco, You've done a magnificent job on this kit! Especially after discovering that it is a 72nd scale build. There is so much detail packed into this small kit and you have captured it all with your painting skills. I was under the impression that this was a 35th scale build until I read Keith Forsyth's Photo Model into about your featured build. And congrats on the June DMoM win, well deserved! Excellent photos too! Hoping that in the future you will do a build log in the Braille forum section and share some of your building and painting techniques with those of us on the Braille Scale forum who enjoy these dinky things too! -Eddy
NOV 12, 2009 - 02:18 PM
This looks really awesome. I will have to go check out the modern 1/72 line. What kits and accessories were used here? Great work on the finish.
NOV 14, 2009 - 06:21 AM
Marco, That is one sweet Bradley IFV you built!! Since this is the newest M2 braille scale kit from DML (other than the M3A2), does the kit have the parts to allow it to be built without the ERA blocks to make an earlier OIF Bradley? Do you have any shots of the build prior to painting? Excellent small scale model!
NOV 14, 2009 - 08:10 AM
great small scale work Marco.
DEC 05, 2009 - 08:11 AM
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