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Sledge Kit from Plus Model EASY Line
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by: John Pradarelli [ JOHN17 ]

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This kit is pretty straightforward with a minimum of assembly required. The three cast pieces are each on their own block. The detail is well rendered including the rivot heads securing the slats to the cross members. There were a couple minor air bubble holes that were easily filled and sanded. Parts came off their casting blocks with the help of a small razor saw, and cleaned up with a sanding stick.

The assembly instructions consist of a hand-drawn, exploded view of the parts. The three pieces were glued together using a medium viscosity CyanoAcrylate glue, and quick set with Jet Set. The only word of caution I would offer is to make sure that the runners are squared up well as not to look lopsided.

I primed the finished piece with Plasticote gray, sandable primer. Then I applied a basecoat of Vallejo acrylics, and weathered with oils.


This kit is definitely a good primer for those new to working with resin. Itís easy enough to assemble without getting frustrated, and the parts arenít so fragile that you would worry about breaking them. The end result is a nice representation of a sledge, and would be useful for hauling supplies, pulling a wounded soldier, or even riding for fun! You will most likely want to drill some small holes at the front and add your own rope to finish it off.
Highs: Easy to Assemble, nice detail, good price point.
Lows: A few minor air bubbles.
Verdict: Recommended. Great for beginners to resin kits.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: EL062
  Suggested Retail: $4.60 USD / 3.30 Euro
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 30, 2013

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About John Pradarelli (john17)

A modeler off and on (as time permits) for over 20 years. By day I work for a Model Railroading company in Milwaukee, WI. By night you'll find me spending time with my wife and two boys...until they go to bed. Then it's off to the basement where I will work on figure painting, armor, planes, diorama...

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Got quite a few items from this "easy line" series. Great little items to add to vehicles and populate scenes. Nicely priced as well.
NOV 30, 2013 - 11:34 AM
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