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Built Review
Stone Bridge

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

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A big plaster kit, with some resin accessories from PlusModel, that can represent a bridge anywhere in Eastern Europe, aimed at WWII dioramas, but actually can fit in any time within the last 300 years.

kit contents
The kit comes supplied in a fairly sturdy cardboard box approximately inches by 9 inches. There are over 60 parts to this kit, which for a diorama base, is a lot! Each individual part comes sealed in a bubble wrap bag for complete protection. All parts were undamaged and complete. In addition to the plaster parts that go to make up the bridge itself, there are two lengths of fairly thick copper wire for making a handrail, and three very high quality resin moulding that represent the statuettes.

Although all the plaster parts were completely undamaged, the instructions can be a Little unclear at times, leading to gaps and shortcomings were there shouldn't be! To be completely honest, I can't put all the gaps down to my ineptitude at joining the parts......... some are simply down to poor-fitting parts. Having said that........it's plaster! Which means it's really easy to work with, and gaps can easily be filled afterward.

The two statuettes standing on the central part of the bridge are absolutely stunning! Almost too good to represent stone, which they're supposed to be. I can't quite bring myself to attack them yet with sandpaper, although I think I'll have to if I want 'old' statues. On one side of the bridge you are offered a choice of leaving a statue off, and for this there is a small stone 'dome' included to take it's place. When I finish the bridge I might even leave the statues off and replace them with lampposts instead.....they wouldn't look out of place. The third resin casting is in the shape of a small frog meant to represent a waterspout. There are two drains either side of the bridge that will require cleaning out, but as I said earlier, it's plaster and so really easy to do.

My favourite thing about the bridge are the steps at one end. These are really nicely cast, and will look superb once painted up. PlusModel even supply a length of thick copper wire to make the handrails from, although to look really good they'll have to be soldered, hence my not including them at this stage.

The thing I dislike about the bridge are the cobbled stone sections for the roadway. In my opinion they are not well done. I haven't yet fixed them into place, and indeed I may even swap them for sections from Great North Roads, which in my opinion are far superior.

in conclusion
If you need that big eye-catcher for your next diorama, then this is it! Recommended.
A really BIG diorama accessory for really BIG dioramas!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 187
  Suggested Retail: 34
  Related Link: PlusModel
  PUBLISHED: Jun 12, 2006

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